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We'd like to introduce our delicious new breakfast menu.

We are thrilled to announce the debut of our all-new breakfast menu here at Roża. We have been working hard to develop a variety of delectable and wholesome selections that will get your day started and leave you happy.

We offer a variety of dishes for any taste, from traditional breakfast favorites to intriguing new ones. Here are just a few of our new menu's highlights:

We provide a selection of croissans and waffles for individuals with a sweet craving. Our berry and ice cream waffle are brimming with delicious berries, while our traditional croissants are fluffy and light. 

if savory foods are more your thing we also have several options for you. Poached eggs and smoked salmon are all included in our eggs royal. Served on sourdough bread  Or, try our avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado, and a dash of sea salt.

Of course, no breakfast menu would be complete without coffee, and we offer a wide variety to select from. Individually packed coffee capsules are now the new trend to maintain coffee freshness and consistency. Try our peanut iced latte or chocolate latte if you're in the mood to indulge.

Check out our breakfast menu. Served on weekends and public holidays.


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